Calculate and offset the carbon emissions of your products at all stages of the life cycle

With Simplizero Ecommerce, make all your products carbon neutral and bring your customers along on your journey towards net zero - from awareness and consideration, through to purchase and post-purchase experience.

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Transparency on carbon offsetting is critical

A credible carbon reduction plan requires transparency about the carbon offsetting projects you engage with and the true impact this can have. Achieving net zero is more than a routine box-ticking exercise, and consumers and policymakers are aware of the greenwashing that can occur with carbon offsetting.

With Simplizero Ecommerce, calculate the carbon footprint of your products and communicate the carbon offsets involved in each individual product to your customers to engage them on your Green Story. Unlike other platforms, our carbon offset pricing is fully transparent. This means that we can guarantee all of the revenue from the carbon credits goes towards funding projects that truly matter to your business.

Build trust and make your path towards carbon neutrality bullet-proof with Simplizero Ecommerce

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Greater Engagement

Partner brands see 60% open rates on Simplizero Ecommerce post-purchase emails on consumer footprint*

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Green Story customer service survey


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Use the Simplizero Ecommerce widget on your product pages to actively educate your audience on the carbon offsets related to each individual purchase. Showcase the offsetting projects you invest in together and connect your customers with the wider environmental impact their purchases can have.

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Choose from a comprehensive portfolio covering everything from nature-based climate solutions, through to renewable energy and social projects, and have a direct impact on the communities connected with your brand. All aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Remove any ambiguity from the carbon offsetting process. Our pricing is fully transparent - with zero markup - and 100% of the revenue from carbon credits goes towards funding the projects. These are all third-party verified by Verra or Gold Standard

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How Simplizero Ecommerce works in 3 steps

Calculate your product’s footprint

Using the globally recognised standard of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology with data sourced from accredited partners, understand and offset the exact impact of your products across your supply chain.

Select your carbon offsetting projects

Choose from a wide portfolio of carbon offsetting projects the ones that best match your supply chain locations or align with your company values, enabling you to make the most meaningful impact.

Select your carbon offsetting projects

Integrate the Simplizero Ecommerce widget onto your e-commerce pages (home, product and sustainability pages) and leverage this tool to visually engage your audience with the positive impact of offsetting each product.

What we offset


Farm and factory

From raw material extraction to manufacturing

Shipping and transportation

From farms to factories and warehouses before your products reach your customers

Use phase

For laundering processes like washing and drying over a product’s average lifetime

Is offsetting this stage an urgent priority for your business?


Seamless integration into every e-commerce platform

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    Carbon offset accounting

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    Products’ emissions offset at wholesale level. Upload your entire order and offset the order’s emission:

    • by product name or product kg
    • offset by emissions quantity (ton)
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Third-party certified and verified projects via

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Customer real-time journey

Bring your customers along on your journey towards net zero. From awareness and consideration, through to purchase and post-purchase experience, transparently share how you are working to achieve carbon neutrality.

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