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The essential sustainability platform with customers in mind. With Green Story, you can:


Gain and show accurate, credible and verifiable sustainability data

Quantify the environmental performance of your products and show it to all your stakeholders in a way that is credible, accessible and easy to understand. Enable trust and credibility.

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Solidify transparency and get rewarded for your green efforts

Elevate your customer experience and tell your green story where your customers want to see it. Boost engagement and loyalty within their journey, including at post-purchase experience, and drive revenue.


Get ahead of the game in an ever more competitive market

Future-proof your business as the global economy moves rapidly towards decarbonisation and new anti-greenwashing legislations arise. Make your business compliant and a leader in driving transparency.

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Supplier network

Easily manage your supplier data
  • Connect with your suppliers, production facilities, & subcontractors effortlessly.
  • Streamline the verification process of your suppliers & supply chain data.
  • Manage supplier network & communications all in one place, with suppliers getting their own portal to streamline data gathering.

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Our team’s goal is to drive the science of LCA forward and ensure credible, trustworthy data and assessments to help clients make decisions with the right data and avoid greenwashing.

Dr. Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
CSO & LCA Head

Led by the internationally renowned author of the Handbook of Textile LCA, Dr. Kannan Muthu, our lifecycle analysis and data team consists of accomplished experts in the field of textiles, sustainability reporting, LCA, chemical assessments, audits, social LCA, and more.
Rest assured, your data is in safe hands. We uphold the strictest standards for each dataset we use and offer custom LCA solutions to support assessments of groundbreaking new materials.

Unrivaled knowledge

Whether it’s using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies to measure impact and footprint calculations, through to evaluating consumers behaviour and delivering effective sustainability communications, our experience comes from analysing 2000+ supply chains in 35 countries and working with 150+ of the world’s leading fashion brands.

Customer stories
Driving consumer loyalty and growth with Green story

“Green Story really helps our consumers along the
journey of learning about sustainability. Now with the
carbon neutral widgets, they have the transparency to
see the projects and feel they’re part of it.”

Jon Jennings, Chief Innovation Office

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