Show your products' impact with credible and relatable metrics

Know Your Impact is where Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and impact visualisation meet. Quantify the environmental performance of your products and show the positive impact that your customers can have when purchasing your products.

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Vague claims do not build trust

Today, consumers and policymakers demand more when it comes to the information on your products. Customers want trustworthy, reliable details and legal regulations on greenwashing require scientific proof to support your sustainability claims.

With Know Your Impact, we help you navigate this space by providing you with a qualitative, credible, turnkey solution to accurately quantify the environmental performance of your products and communicate it in a way that is concise, comparable and verifiable.

Build an emotional connection with your audience on the benefits of their green choices. Boost loyalty and engagement with Know Your Impact.

did you know

Did you know…

81% of millennials

expect the brands they purchase from to have transparent and honest marketing practices and actively talk about their sustainability impact, both socially and environmentally.


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Using the globally recognised standard of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, quantify the environmental impact of your products, from the beginning of a product’s life at raw material extraction through to the final stages in-store, and bring the highest possible accuracy and transparency to your products' data.

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Translate your sustainability data into easy-to-digest, accessible information for your audience. Leverage impact visualisation and share your positive impact with your customers in a way that is relatable.

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Ensure that your green claims are always credible, verifiable, and backed by third-party verified data. Be proactive and de-risk your business so that you are compliant with global greenwashing regulations.

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How Know Your Impact Works

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Assess your environmental impact

Understand the provenance of the fibers you work with and gather supply chain data from your suppliers. Our team will then help you understand the findings from the LCA report and will map the sustainability data to each of your products.

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Share your products' impact

Through seamless integration via plug-ins and APIs, leverage the Know Your Impact widget to show actual metrics and equivalents to your customers that are relatable to everyday sustainable behaviours. The widget can be customised to match your brand’s visual identity for an engaging, easy-to-navigate user experience.

About our LCA methodology

Life Cycle Assessment is a globally recognised methodology used to assess the environmental impacts associated with all stages of the life cycle of a product. Here are more details on our methodology:


End-to-end integration with every e-commerce platform

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    Third party verified data

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    Personalised plug-ins and APIs to match your brand’s visual identity

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    Compliance with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards

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    In line with global anti-greenwashing legislation

Environmental impact mapping to each of your products

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20 kg avoided

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5 kWh saved

water icon


2 L saved

Our Widgets

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1,892,204.6 m2 of land

farmed without pesticides

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1,357,976.5 kg CO2e emissions

have been avoided


465,529,571.1 litres

of water saved

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213.8 days

of drinking water saved


1.6 m2 of land

farmed without pesticides


4.8 km

of driving emissions avoided

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2.6 m2 of land

farmed without pesticides


7.1 km

of driving emissions avoided


330.6 days

of drinking water saved

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