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We believe we can make a difference by facilitating open dialogue and collaboration between organisations and individuals making an impact in the fashion industry. Green Story webinars are engaging conversations around topics such as data and transparency, green marketing and LCA methodology. Take a look at our webinar archive below.

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How to ensure accurate impact measurement of your products in compliance with anti-greenwashing legislation

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With very little time for apparel brands to comply with environmental disclosure and target-setting requirements, smart brands are starting to collect data, map supply chains, and improve their environmental and social impact today. 

In this webinar, renowned LCA expert, Dr. Muthu, discussed how to accurately measure the impact of your products in compliance with anti-greenwashing legislation, the right methodologies to future proof your calculations and how to approach LCAs at scale with Green Story.

Sustainable fashion communication and green marketing

Certifications and transparency in the fashion and textile industry

Demystifying carbon offset

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Green Legislation’s Impact on Fashion

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Sustainable fashion communication and green marketing

Greenwashing in fashion: the dos and don’ts for brands

Green Legislation’s Impact on Fashion

Assessing your product’s impact: A fireside chat with LCA pioneer Dr Muthu

How brands leverage their supply chain and impact data for success

Seed to shelf: impact assessments, innovation and the future of impact data in fashion

Carbon Offsetting 101

Cultivating Carbon Free Communities

UN SDGs: Our Blueprint for the Future

Carbon Offsetting: The Next Step in your Sustainable Journey

Sustainability is for everyone

Carbon Offsetting vs Insetting: Building Supply Chain Sustainability for Fashion Brands

Carbon Insetting Strategies for Fashion Brands

Navigating Uncertainty and the Role of Sustainability

Overview of Sustainable Supply Chains and Preferred Fibres

Challenges of Maintaining Sustainable Supply Chains

Brand Activism and Community Involvement

How Companies can Align Themselves with UN SDGs

Marketing for Small Green Businesses

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