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Vitamin A enhances brand transparency with Green Story

Green Story helped sustainable swimwear brand Vitamin A understand the environmental impact of their supply chain and unpack this to enrich their customer experience and build brand transparency.


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The Challenge

Vitamin A wanted to map the environmental impact of its supply chain and audit the sustainability performance of the materials it used in its collections. The brand was looking for a solution that could help them communicate the impact of their products across a full life cycle in a way that was engaging and easy to understand for their audience.

The solution

Vitamin A solution

Vitamin A selected Green Story and our Know Your Impact tool to help them measure the environmental impact of their products. Our use of the globally recognised standard of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology helped them to analyse and quantify the environmental savings of their products in comparison to swimwear that used conventional materials. Vitamin A used these results with Know Your Impact to visualise and communicate their impact clearly online to their audience.

We worked together to strategically place the Know Your Impact widget throughout the customer’s purchase journey, including homepage, product pages, social media posts and post-purchase emails, in a bid to become more transparent. This was to engage the Vitamin A customers on the green story of their products.

Amahlia Stevens

Amahlia Stevens

Founder, Vitamin A Swim

explains the benefit of having Green Story’s impact metrics communicate their LCA data, “Our customers care and want to hear this kind of conversation from us, and it makes them choose Vitamin A over another swim brand.”

The Green Story LCA consulting process


The Green Story team worked with Vitamin A to map out the supply chain for materials used by the brand.


We then identified the key stages and actors in the supply chain and created surveys to gather the required data for modelling the product impacts. The data collected from suppliers was vetted, verified and augmented with secondary research from accredited third parties.


Our experts modelled this data to calculate the environmental impact of each of Vitamin A’s product and compared it to conventional swimwear items.


Vitamin A used Know Your Impact on their e-commerce website to visualise and communicate the positive impact of their items through integration via Green Story APIs and plug-ins.


Green Story continues to provide Vitamin A with support to assess the impact of their supply chain.


Vitamin A uses the sustainability data provided by Green Story on its social media platforms and communication channels, such as emails, to enhance their green narrative. They use the information to send updates to their customers about their total impact at the end of the year too which builds further loyalty and engagement.


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    Customized widgets on individual product pages

The Green Story team have helped Vitamin A transform its supply chain impact into its unique “Sexy Stats” widget. From waste diverted to emissions avoided and energy saved - we helped the brand showcase the positive impact customers can make by purchasing Vitamin A swimsuits.

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