Impact contributions

We want to help you increase your impact at every touchpoint. By adding sustainable contributions to your customer's journey, through projects related to carbon offsetting and insetting which are carefully vetted and verified by a third party, you can engage your audience, contribute to meaningful environmental and social action and help mitigate your supply chain impacts.


Look no further for verified and credible projects to accelerate your impact

Selecting the right offsetting and insetting projects requires expertise, especially to navigate the nuances and to find projects that are verified and legitimate to avoid loss of credibility or open risks to greenwashing. The quality and impact of these projects are important for your organisation and Green Story works to connect your business to a roster of highly regarded projects with diverse impacts across areas such as energy, carbon and water.

We have created a safe marketplace for you to curate and select impactful work that is aligned with your environmental and social priorities and to build trust with your customers.


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Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, Green Story has a preset portfolio of vetted projects. This helps you align your contributions to your company’s environmental and social priorities and know they can be trusted.

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The Green Story team carefully reviews and verifies projects to ensure they are credible, enabling you to make trusted and third-party-supported statements.

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The sustainability contributions and offsetting experience adds another dimension to your customer journey and can strengthen the post-purchase stage for customers by adding another meaningful touchpoint.

How it works


Green Story helps you to identify projects aligned with your company goals and match them with your products.

We work to offset your product’s carbon footprint with carbon offset projects that have been carefully vetted and verified by a third party.

But it’s not just carbon, our curation of projects includes water donations and plastic offsets as well as tree planting. Or, if you have something else in mind, the team can help match you with the project that’s right for your brand.

You select your offsets mix based on your environmental and social priorities and Green Story assigns the project and amounts on request.

With widgets and product passports, communicate your contribution and impact to customers throughout their purchasing journey.

Platform users have the ability to track the assigned project inventory and progress.

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